There It Goes Again

Why is with the clumsiness?

I got used to spill sauce and gravy on my shirt when having meal, accidentally dropped this and that, broke things and wasted money to replace… but not like today. It was a happy day that I went to Vörttän beach with my family, swimming, eating sandwiches… and while waiting for the bus, I accidentally dropped my iPhone on the floor at the bus stop, and cracked the screen like hell.

Keep quiet and stay calm 😪

Terlupa Rakaat di Dalam Solat

Saya sudah tahu fekahnya bagaimana.

Jika terlupa rakaat, pegang pada yang yakin. Eh, ini rakaat ketiga atau keempat? Yakin yang tiga sudah sempurna, kurang pasti dengan yang keempat. Maka pegang yang tiga. Tambah satu rakaat cukupkan empat.

Kalau zohor, asar dan isyak.

Tetapi bagaimana jika kekeliruan itu berkali-kali di dalam satu solat? Eh ini rakaat pertama ke atau kedua? Kedua ke atau ketiga? Sudah empat atau baru tiga?

Jika saya solat sendirian, saya rasa mungkin saya pernah bertahiyyat sampai empat kali untuk satu solat yang empat rakaat.

Kenapa jadi begini?

Makin menjadi-jadi.

Ia menyedihkan.

Spelling Nazi

I have to reread again and again to make sure my writing has no typo. But no matter how much I do it, there is always a missing word, a misspelt one, and writing something totally different than what the mind intends. What makes things worse is when you are surrounded by people who are very quick at pointing out the errors. Thank you, but please give me some peace.