Google Calendar for Our Time Management

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Today, kids are back to school after long holiday. They are so eager to get back to school, either because the school is so good, or the house is so boring. See… my negative thoughts! It can simply be both. The house is good, but at the same time the kids miss their friends! That is how I should self-talk myself to remove the ‘automated negative thoughts‘ (ANTs).

I need to update Google Calendar. Each of my kids has his or her own time to begin and end, different from one another, from one day to another too. So, each kid is labelled with specific colour to make the calendar more visible. Google calendar really helps me to keep on track not only with my own complicated schedule as a student, fathering alone four children, but with their schedule too.

I recommend you to beat your ADHD problematic time management with this simple free of charge, dynamic, visually well presented, Google calendar.

Hasrizal, Oulu FI

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