Bag Packing with ADHD

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After so many months, almost a complete year-round, stuck in Finland, restricted from travelling abroad due to our residence permit application, I feel so relieved, being able to bring the whole family bag packing between London, Belfast, Dublin, Manchester, Durham, Newcastle and Sunderland.

All the anxiety are gone. All the negative thoughts are healed. I feel more positive and maybe will have a better focus on coming home to Oulu soon.

Some articles suggested that adults with ADHD have problems when travelling. Not to mention travelling with kids. But travelling is always my best therapy. My mind is always busy with so many things and never stops. Traveling help me to be ‘alone’ in the middle of the crowd and think clearer. Although I prefer travelling alone I understand how life with kids make that option closed to none.

So far so good.

I am happy.

Virgin Train Durham to London King’s Cross
14:38 December 28th, 2017.

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