The So Many Details and Sometimes Unnecessarily

Anyone consistently attended my ceramah realised how ‘complicated’ I am when telling my stories on any given topic. I moved from one topic to another, went so far away in explaining footnotes of the footnotes and later on returned back to the main topic and continued to elaborate. It might be the ‘strength’, but at the same time telling you how troublesome my mind works. It is good for a setting I set myself, but a huge trouble when in a highly structured demanding setting of work.

TrackR Bravo For My Birthday

Thank you my love for buying me a very unique gift for my birthday.

Now I can put the tracking device in my wallet. If I cannot find it, I can check on my phone or tablet where it is or even ping it to make a loud sound.

It saves a lot of time and helping me not to miss my bus or getting late to an appointment simply because I forget where my wallet is (which happened so many times). #trackrbravo

I Am Not

It’s Just You, Dad!

“Please help me cleaning all the dish. I can’t sleep,” I begged my kids.

“Why is that?” they asked.

“The smell from cooking is so strong. It irritates me,” I told me.

“Nope, we smell nothing. It’s just you, dad!” they replied.

Every night, the process of falling asleep is a huge struggle. Not only the mind keeps thinking about everything between me and the Black Hole, I am annoyed with the smell from the kitchen, the sound of hot water from the pipeline, the cars and people chatting from downstairs, as well as the sound from the wind and trees.

I want to sleep.

Talking But Writing

The idea seems very clear in my mind, and I can talk about it eloquently for hours. But when required to put the thought into writing, I got stuck immediately. I even wrote many books on topics that I enjoy, but fail to produce simple write up when it is ‘required’ and ‘highly structured’. It kills me in my academic journey. Anyone has similar experience?

Silent Treatment

I hate it so much when an active discussion is taking place online (WhatsApp group for example), I participate by writing down something and immediately the activity stopped, silent…. and my mind started getting wild thinking why. Was it something about what I said? Did I say something awkward or wrong?

Why being so sensitive?

Disregulated Attention System

Fall From the Stairs, Again!

I now wear the best winter shoes I can get. It’s Merrell Moab FST Ice+ Thermo with Vibram® Arctic Grip for unparalleled traction on wet ice. It costs me a fortune but I am free from slipping and falling so far. This trip to Amsterdam should be smooth. No more accident like in Durham last winter.


I fell again.

Not because of the horror black ice like in Finland. I missed my steps when walking down the stairs at Zaanse Schans train station! I hit hard my knee but managed to grab my daughter’s hand which saved me from rolling down like the rotten jack fruit!